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Motorized Blinds

Smart Decoration

Motorized blinds can increase comfort, security and energy efficiency in the home.


They can open and close automatically to let in or block out the sun. They will therefore reduce your energy needs and help heat your home in the winter.

Program your blinds to raise and lower themselves automatically when you’re away, thus giving the appearance of being home to thieves who would otherwise target your home.


Very practical for high windows, they are activated with a remote, from your smart phone or from your tablet.


Thanks to home automation, a smart home optimizes the energy efficiency of all major home systems, so as to minimize energy consumption.

Lighting Control

Imagine! You can have your own lighting mood for waking up, one for going to bed, a mood for dinner with friends, parties and even romantic evenings.

Audio and Video Control

Control all of your audio and video from one remote. You can create your own musical mood in any room of your home.


What’s going on at home while you’re away? Want to see who rang the bell before opening the door? Want to control access to your home? Want to make it seem as though you are home even when you are away?

Our partners in the service of your decoration.

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